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about Navkar Designs India

We are passionate and always produce better designs for you.

Navkar Enterprise came in to existence in year 2011 and got its government authorise export licence in the year 2015. The word navkar is the combination of two words Nav= (I.E English Meaning New) And akar= (I.e., English Meaning design) So by Navkar we mean new designs also Re-Defining a design.
We are located heart of Rajasthan Known as Jaipur in Morden words and Pink City In accordance to the heritage value associated with Jaipur.
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We Design Jewellery With Impressive Details .

We are into Jewellery Manufacturing Services Where we bring the concept of jewellery starting from sketch on paper to live manufacture jewellery piece in any base metal in combination with colour stones, diamond, CVD diamond, and Cubic Zirconia.
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