Business Ethics

Eco Friendly

We buy our silver, Gold and other base metal from the government authorise suppliers those who are involve in Eco friendly mining.
For Maintaining ecological balance, we also use recycle silver & Gold.


We believe in every customer have their own business model & Marketing Strategy keeping in view of every customer we don’t exchange any kind of detail of our customers within our customer base or outside, to keep business as a secret entity.

Women Empowerment & Especially Able Person

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Happy Mining

Our raw material of colour stones are also purchase from the organisations involved in the upliftment of economically backward classes in Africa so every stone we acquire and use in jewellery has a happy background and provide positivity in life’s of the wearer.

Wages & Salaries

Apart from the minimum wage pay act of government we also distribute Yearly bonuses to all artisans and workers as per his achievement in the company, out of the surplus profit earn by Navkar Enterprise.